About ClaimMyRefund

Devin smith creator of claimmyrefund.co.uk

ClaimMyRefund is an independent service, identifying and submitting refund applications for delayed tube journeys for Oyster card holders.

Within the two week claim limit set by Transport for London, using bespoke technology will check all your journeys and identify those that qualify for a refund, process the information required, finally submiting each one on your behalf.

You will receive an email each time a claim is made.

ClaimMyRefund's goal is to provide a 'while you sleep' delayed journey refund claim service to all Oyster card holders.


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Hi, my name is Devin Smith, I am a Software Developer working in London. Over the years I have worked for the Linklaters (Law Firm) Tesco.com and The Houses of Parliament.

I've endured hours of delays on London Underground and the DLR and then had the added frustration of more time wasted filling in laborious forms, time and again.

TfL could make this job easier for all of us, I decided to automatically generating delay refunds, when passengers are suffer delays, they could use the journey data from my Oyster Online account and automatically submit the refund for me.

So in the absence of a solution from TfL I have developed the software to do it myself. ClaimMyRefund uses my Oyster card journey history to tell when I have been delayed, using my Oyster online data to fill in all the other sections of the claim form.

I then created a robot that ran automatically, checking my account every 48 hours, raising valid claims on my behalf. It's a great feeling when I get emails directly from Tfl telling me when a claim has been submitted.

So here it is, the system is available free for anyone who has an Oyster online account.