How ClaimMyRefund Works

How ClaimMyRefund uses your Oyster online account

Link up your Oyster Online Account

The ClaimMyRefund service checks your Oyster card journeys every 48 hours. Identifies and submits claims on your behalf, keeping you updated by email. Your Oyster online will be credited within a week of your claim being submitted.

You will receive refunds for delayed journeys automatically.

No forms, no fuss and no need to remember.
Join now and never miss a refund again.

You Choose Your Service

There are two services;

  • A Free service, email notifications may contain advertising banners from time to time.*
  • A Paid service, exactly the same as the free service but without advertising (£1.99 per year).

When you sign up, you are directed to the screen where you can choose your service.

*We will never sell your details onto anyone else.